PATH Intl. Equine of the Year for 2018

My name is Petey!

I grew up in Kentucky & showed with my riders in Pony Club competitions.  Hanging out in Pony Club was fun and we won many colorful ribbons.  The kids grew up! I was reassigned to a big red barn here at CTRH in Milford, Ohio. That’s when my life changed dramatically… for the better!

I get to work with children and adults with disabilities and challenges such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, autism, Down Syndrome, brain trauma, cognitive and emotional issues, and post-traumatic stress disorder.  I love my job! I found the real purpose to my life. At CTRH, I have formed wonderful relationships with other ponies, horses and people. Oh, the extraordinary people!

I love my riders! I feel the physical and psychological benefits that my riders experience! See the smile on the face of one of my special equestrians pictured with me? I carry another young rider who has a weakness in her left arm and leg.  When she wants to go right, she uses her right arm to pull the rein and her right leg to cue me. But when she wants to go left, I listen for her very quiet voice so I can respond for her.  We are a team too!

Did you know that I am a Medicine Hat Paint? Do you see my brown hat?

Some tribes only allowed the Medicine Man to own and ride a Medicine Hat Horse like me because it was said that a Medicine Hat Horse allows No harm can come to its rider, even in battle!  Medicine Hats are thought to be extremely lucky and intelligent and possess superior ability to other horses.

Do you see my blue eyes? The most respected and most prized Medicine Hats are those with two blue eyes. That makes me even more special! That makes me excellent at my job!

CTRH is a wonderful place. I know the people here need to raise money for 80% of the cost of the programs for our riders.  Every donation, large or small, is vital for me to continue with the people who need me in this job that I love so much.  Because of one of our very special donors, there is a matching grant this year!

Any amount you give to us will be doubled up to $50,000. Thank you for anything you may be able to contribute.

Won’t you make a contribution to help me celebrate?…I am PATH International’s  Equine of the Year – 2018!  Not one to boast but, it beats a Pony Club ribbon and is better than a carrot! Please make a contribution and mention me, ‘Petey’… Thank You very much from everyone here at CTRH!